2Dimes Turns 25

May 03rd, 2017

Charles Gaushell


All our clients have a story to tell, Paradigm is here to help them tell it well. Here’s mine. 

Charles Gaushell, Founder

From childhood I knew I wanted a career in design – and a place where I could bring my love of creative problem solving and visual storytelling together. I spent six years at Louisiana Tech University earning a design degree in architecture and started my career in Memphis. A few years later, I sensed a stirring to do something different. I was intrigued by the emerging 3D design, illustration and animation technology … so along with some colleagues, we launched Paradigm Productions in 1992.

An early ad for Paradigm

To give you a little perspective, 25 years ago: The internet was on dial-up, Photoshop was in version 2, and some of the current Paradigm team had not yet taken their first steps.

Our initial clients were architects, developers, and religious/academic institutions who needed compelling visuals of their projects for client approval, marketing or fund raising. Soon we were collaborating on these marketing and fund raising projects to create branding, collateral, advertising, interactive CDs and by 1995, our first website.

 We welcomed challenges and charged ahead. After wearing two hats as an award-winning design architect and an entrepreneur, I decided in 2000 to focus solely on Paradigm and branding, strategy, and design. We expanded our client list, skill set and horizons for almost 15 amazing years.

Then my story takes a turn. In 2014, I was shocked to learn I had cancer. After major surgery, chemo and radiation, I slowly recovered. Thanks to my strong team and loyal clients, Paradigm weathered the storm with me. By God’s grace and with the help of many people, I’m still here and more determined than ever to make a difference.

After that shakeup, I was ready for a change of scenery. We renovated a charming house on Cooper Street and in June of 2016, moved from East Memphis to Midtown. It was a great opportunity to invest in a building, and the prime location half way between Overton Square and Overton Park isn’t bad either. 

Current Paradigm office, opened June 2016

Evolution has been key for Paradigm … from my personal journey to the ever-changing digital world we now live in. I tell potential employees that if you don’t like change, you’re in the wrong career. But for me, that’s what makes it all worthwhile – the challenge of staying current with new technologies and changing customer behavior, learning how people make purchasing decisions and how they react to branding and marketing tactics.

At Paradigm, we believe in connecting with people at their core, being honest about who you are, and building your business from the inside out. We’re so much more than our services and strategies. We’re in it to develop relationships, pursue excellence, and serve others. My journey has taught me the importance of being fully present for my family, staff and clients. We’re not perfect, but we strive to do it right and make a positive impact.

We’re looking forward to what the 25 years or so holds.

Key Timeline

  • 1992 – Founded

  • 1995 – Launch our first website

  • 1996 – Created our first interactive exhibit design

  • 2000 – I go full-time with Paradigm

  • 2007 – Recognized as MBJ Small Business Finalist, MBJ Best Places to Work

  • 2008 – Economy implodes

  • 2010 – Changed our name to Paradigm Marketing & Creative

  • 2016 – Moved to Midtown Memphis, Rebranded Company

  • 2017 – Celebrating 25 years!


Countries Worked In                      7

States with Projects                    39

Websites Designed                     105

Steps to Overton Square             451

Clients Served                              487

Illustrations Presented                 5,645

Designs Reviewed                         2,751

Snacks Consumed                        36,503.1


Here are just a few snippets down the Paradigm memory lane....



Paradigm Team - May 2017