Hunter Mitchell

Account Executive & Writer

"The goal isn’t to make something everyone will love; the goal is to get excited, and make a thing where something wasn’t before."
- Wil Wheaton


Storytelling is in my blood, and hopefully one day, I’ll get good at it. Until then, I whittle away the hours helping clients with brand strategies, website and brochure copy, and occasionally writing my own short stories and tabletop games.

I’ve lived in the Memphis area for most of my life, other than a few years during middle school in Nashville. I’m a fan of our local food and will gladly chirp incessantly about which restaurants you should visit while in town (seriously, The Little Tea Shop on Madison is a must). I’ve worked in the advertising industry since 2008, doing writing, project management and some creative directing (backseat art directing is a slippery slope). I also enjoy ending sentences with parentheticals (it helps add flavor).

Speaking of board games and bad segues, a friend and I wrote a tabletop roleplaying game. Yes, we’d love for you to check it out (link in the side nav).