Bryan Rollins

Art Director

Bryan Rollins

How's it going?

I'm Bryan, I'm an artist, I'm from Jackson, TN, and I'm a Memphis College of Art alum.

I enjoy getting people to find their creative outlet: I just want everyone out here prospering and living self-actualized. I've been drawing since before I could remember and that has directly and indirectly been the core of pretty much all my pursuits including design, photography, animation, and music. With a pen and something to draw on is where I feel the most myself. I majored in graphic design specifically because it seemed like the best way to combine all of these interests and ideas cohesively. Now I can call everything I do "research."

In my spare time these days you can find me playing a lot of indie and retro video games while quietly forming opinions on them, and sometimes writing about them (or making them). By the time you read this, i will very likely have moved on to another pastime. Such is life.