Bain Barbecue and Bakery

Bain Barbecue and Bakery approached us because while they had raving fans and a fast-growing business, their story and differentiators were not well understood by their audiences. They needed succinct copy and new graphics to support their recent growth and new space, wanted to unify their visual presence online, and explain their process and differentiators better.

Through a truncated version of our blueprint process, we learned about their passion for going above and beyond with their food. We also came to understand that their offset stick burner process, hot-rest technique and made-in-house, from-scratch menu items weren't being highlighted to their full potential. We wanted to infuse more of their personality into the language and style of the brand.

We created a new group of headlines and illustrations for a number of different uses that captured a hand-crafted, nostalgic, and Texas vibe, customized for Bain, and fitting with the target audiences they want to attract and the personality they want to convey.

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Bain Case Study Cant Rush
Bain Case Study shirts

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