Buff City Soap

Just like the rest of you, your skin needs nourishment - healthy oils and fats to moisturize, citrus and sugar to exfoliate, and mint to soothe. Buff City Soap's plant-based products are free of the "junk food of soap" like tallow, harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. Instead, they stuff every bar and bath bomb full of ingredients your skin craves.

We created an advertising campaign that showcased Buff City's commitment to using fresh, plant-based products with fun, bright imagery and their particular flavor of humor and fun.

By infusing foods and soap together through colorful and playful photography, we wanted to play on the idea that Buff City Soap is so good you could eat it - but don't because it's still soap. It's like super food for super soft skin.

"Charles and the team at Paradigm led us through the branding process. Charles patiently taught us how to focus through branding, the importance of brand voice, cohesiveness and more. Today, thirty-one (31) Buff City Soap locations later, Charles is a friend and mentor. Paradigm’s guidance propelled Buff City Soap years forward in branding precision. Having Paradigm on the team is beyond important, it is necessary.“
Brad Kellum, Founder


Growth in website commerce grew after Buff City Soap's rebrand


Increase in online sales after the new brand launch


Growth in website traffic after 2019 re-engagement

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Good enough to eat