Miestro Home Integration

Miestro: Home Integration provides high-end technology solutions for audio, video, smart home, and similar services for homes and businesses. While these services are easily accessible through big box stores, the service and expertise is often just sufficient enough to get the technology installed and turned on. Miestro wants to fully integrate technology services for a seamless, comfortable experience, and they wanted a full rebrand that captures their passion for smart design and integration.

After taking Miestro through our Blueprint / Foundation process, we discovered their core goal (why they do what they do): to bring together the full synthesis of home technologies, from TV entertainment to smart locks. To this goal, we created a new name and brand that playfully nods toward the maestro who masterfully conducts his many musicians into a single musical piece. We designed an eye-catching website, along with mailers, 3D animation, and signage, to capture the beauty of these meticulously designed homes and businesses.

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