Charles Gaushell


Charles Gaushell

I went from designing buildings to designing brands.

Husband, father, designer, illustrator, brand strategist, cancer survivor. Originally I was an architect, designer, and illustrator, but somewhere along the line I fell in love with helping companies tell a better story and stand out from their competition. I’ve been in the branding and design biz for over 32 years, which makes me seasoned, not old.

At Paradigm I spend most of my time on running the firm, creating a client's brand strategy, supplementing creative direction, along with a bit of photography, copy and script writing, and environmental design. I love helping clients tell their stories and developing those relationships to strong partnerships. I think I've worked on every project type possible - real estate developments, professional services, restaurants, health care, non-profits, beer, boxing, artisan soap, and even a haunted house - all at the same time!

If I’m not jumping on a conference call or running back and forth from client meetings you would maybe find me sitting on the beach with my family, backpacking in the mountains, or watching Louisiana Tech or LSU games on my Android (sorry Apple). I lead 2 small groups with my wife and am an Elder at our Mission Church in Memphis - AND I enjoy copious amounts of pizza- hold the gluten though.