Hook Point Brewing Company

After the success of Flat Hat American Ale, owners Mike and Cindy knew they needed to expand the brand into a full brewery that could support Flat Hat and other new beer styles. Ready to expand their team and their brews, they came to us looking for new logos, messaging, and beer brands that would all work together in a cohesive way, while still maintaining the ability to recognize them as individual brands.

Inspired by Mike's history as a Naval Aviator, we knew we wanted to infuse a military feel and create imagery that was strong, communicated movement and speed, and was masculine and bold. We started with the Hook Point logo itself, creating a dynamic mark that translates well to a patch and can be clearly understood at a variety of sizes. From there, we were able to take the logo, colors, and style and apply it to the unusual collateral that comes with a brewery - tap handles, keg collars and wraps, business cards, and banners.

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Fantastic group of people who know their stuff
Jay Marchmon, Brewer
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Along with the Hook Point brand, we also designed a full brand for Flat Hat American Ale, including website, brand video, can design, and apparel.

We went on to design the brewery's additional cans, including Inky Barley Scottish Stout, Haze Gray & IPA, Cat Shot Kolsch Style Ale, Hangar Queen Bitter, and more.

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