Semmes Murphey Clinic

Semmes Murphey was the first clinic for brain and spine care in Memphis, and the doctors there have set the standard for Neurologic care both nationally and globally. However, the branding and messaging for Semmes Murphey was a bit outdated and wasn’t in line with their overall reputation for excellence. Neurologic care can seem very complex and daunting, so our goal was to make Semmes Murphey, and all of their world-class doctors, more relatable to the public. We also needed to refine their messaging and collateral and modernize it while preserving their history and reputation for medical eminence.
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We updated the Semmes Murphey logo, created new messaging with a less technical focus, and designed a new website that is more user-friendly, relational, and engaging. We have developed numerous advertising campaigns over the years that focus on patient-centered stories, Semmes Murphey's passion for saving lives while improving quality of life, and advancing the field of neuroscience.


We designed and developed a new website for Semmes Murphey that matches their level of innovation and care through a more modern look. The new site has an improved site hierarchy to better highlight departments and make the site search process easier. With new navigation displayed through a mega-menu, patients can easily find departments, specialties, information on a doctor, and fill out patient forms.

We also incorporated custom photography and videos to bring a personal feel to the clinic and help visually communicate the complexities of brain and spine care as well as the passion of the physicians and staff.

Due to the Semmes Murphey patient population, it was important that the website be ADA compliant through text size, color contrast, keyboard navigation, and more. We also made sure to maintain organic search through unique SEO entries, meta-descriptions, and strategic landing pages that align with our Google advertising campaigns.


increase in mobile traffic


increase in total yearly users


increase in new users showing an expansion of the overall audience


decrease in page load times leading to lower bounce rates

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Semmes Murphey website

Life Starts When Pain Stops

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Traditional Advertising

We strategized a plan for Semmes Murphey's advertising efforts in order to help grow their brand awareness locally and regionally. With a hub in Memphis and 5 satellite clinic locations, it was important to put an emphasis on the Memphis market but still have a presence in the Mid-South as the leading care facility for brain and spine care.

We developed several advertising campaigns that focused on the benefits to a patient's life and "getting their normal back." Ads focused on better outcomes, faster recovery, pain relief, and rehabilitation after surgery.

Social Media & Digital Advertising

We developed and executed an ongoing social media strategy for over 5 years. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Vimeo, each platform had a unique focus in order to spread the word about Semmes Murphey. Our main strategy was to make neuroscience more relatable by sharing patient stories, educational content, clinic culture, and articles or journals from doctors. We facilitated reputation management through messages, comments, and overall engagements on each platform, with a focus on their active Facebook audience.

We continue to run Google advertising and targeted display ads for the clinic. Ads focus on clinic services, disorders and treatments, and patient recovery.

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increase in website traffic from social media by each subsequent year of management


increase in social media followers and active audience


increase in traffic on pages linked to client goals


In an effort to show the public how Semmes Murphey changes and saves lives, we acquired several patients for testimonial videos, which also became the first advertising campaign. This allowed us to illustrate how lives were saved, personalize the doctors, and bring their innovative treatment methods to the forefront.

We created videos that focused on each doctor so that patients could get to know them and their model of care and feel more comfortable when trusting someone to operate on their brain or spine.

Explore Bike Share Partnership

We recommended a sponsorship between Semmes Murphey and Explore Bike Share, a local bike-sharing program, because of their similar mission to cultivate healthy lifestyles for Memphians. It was also a great way to get the Semmes Murphey name out into the community in an engaging and interactive way.

By combining bicycle-centric messaging with Semmes Murphey's services in brain and spine care, we created a bike-share station and bicycle design that would motivate people to exercise in a way that is healthy for the joints and spine.

We selected a prominent downtown Memphis location for the branded station that in the first few months provided over 3,000 total bike trips, where their bikes were utilized 15-20% of those rides. It proved to be an effective brand awareness campaign that also gave back to the community.

Semmes Murphey Bike
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