The Citizen

The Citizen is a newly renovated apartment complex on Union Ave in Memphis, TN. When opening, The Citizen was faced with many challenges: a higher rental rate than surrounding options, healthy competition from a series of new apartments opening in the area, and the need to fit in to a part of town that values history, authenticity, and soul.

As residents of Midtown ourselves, Paradigm felt a special drive to bring something great to 1835 Union. We worked with local photographer, Houston Cofield and models from this area to shoot lifestyle imagery in local, well-loved places, such as Muddy's, Edge Alley, and Dodici. With phrases like "Made for Midtown" and "A Building With Soul" we sought to establish The Citizen as a part of the Midtown community and progress. The style we chose has both a retro flare, and a hint of modern class, similar to The Citizen building itself.

The Citizen Casestudy2
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Of apartments leased within 60 days of deliverables in phase 1


Of apartments leased within 30 days of deliverables in phase 2