YMCA Recruitment 2022

Campaign Goals:

The YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South needed to fill 1,400 positions throughout the entire organization across several departments. In order to promote all open jobs in a strategic way, we created a recruitment campaign that focused on 3 major areas: general recruitment awareness, open childcare positions, and open aquatics positions.

We worked with the marketing and HR departments at the Y to plan and execute strategy, budgets, and artwork in less than 30 days.

The campaign ran over a 5 month period, from April to August, and included the following marketing and advertising channels:

  • Google Advertising

  • Facebook/Instagram Advertising

  • LinkedIn Advertising

  • Organic Social Media

  • Traditional Radio

  • MATA Bus Advertising

  • Billboards

  • YMCA In-Branch Advertising

Due to certain anti-discrimination rules on Google and Meta, our team had to be thoughtful about the campaign targeting and overall messaging as we recruited for certain positions, requirements, and certifications. We needed to ensure we were speaking equitably to a diverse audience which is why we chose a variety of marketing and advertising channels.

Budget Allocation

The Y needed to fill positions quickly for the summer months, so we strategically front-loaded the advertising budget so that April and May saw the highest increase in applicants.


Google Display Ad Impressions


Social Ads Reach


Average Cost Per Click


of Landing Page Traffic Came from Digital Advertising

Campaign Conclusion

Throughout the advertising campaign, we had monthly touchpoints with the Y to ensure we were on par with recruitment goals and assess any needed shifts in campaign strategy, budget allocation, and execution.

We successfully ended the campaign with 3,635 total applicants across the 3 focus areas.

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