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We love working with local clients and helping Memphis businesses thrive. Whether its a new logo, sign, or website design, we treat each project with the care and passion that our clients have for their own companies. See a sampling of our work below!

"Paradigm was the single best investment, in terms of increased enrollments, MCUTS has made in its 20-year history.”

– Joseph Caldwell, President, MCUTS


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Just like the rest of you, your skin needs nourishment - healthy oils and fats to moisturize, citrus and sugar to exfoliate, and mint to soothe. Buff City Soap's plant-based products are free of the "junk food of soap" like tallow, harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. Instead, they stuff every bar and bath bomb full of ingredients your skin craves.

We created an advertising campaign that showcased Buff City's commitment to using fresh, plant-based products with fun, bright imagery and their particular flavor of humor and fun.

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Banana Oil
Mission Church Crest Logo


Mission Church, formally known as Highpoint Church, has undergone many foundational changes over the last few years. With these changes came the need for a new brand identity and story that represented the current context and mission of the church - one that exists to glorify God by making Gospel-centered disciples.

Before reconsidering a new name and logo, we needed to help clarify their gospel impact to members and the community as well as how they would communicate their mission and vision as a church. We did a deep dive through our Blueprint Foundation, which further clarified their key purpose, core values, brand story, and personality. From there we collaborated on renaming the church to Mission and created a new brand identity, which aligns with who they are today.

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TFL Business Card


Thomas Family Law is a law firm serving the Memphis region that specializes in many facets surrounding family law. They are passionate about finding creative solutions with positive outcomes for people going through difficult and major life changes. Through their practical and honest approach, Thomas Family Law navigates their clients' legal experiences with commitment and advocacy, setting them up for future success within this new and unexpected chapter of their lives.

To highlight the tailored client experience, we created a custom, signature-esque wordmark. Our team also employed tones, textures, and imagery reminiscent of their historic Germantown residence-turned-office space.

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Miestro: Home Integration provides high-end technology solutions for audio, video, smart home, and similar services for homes and businesses. While these services are easily accessible through big box stores, the service and expertise is often just sufficient enough to get the technology installed and turned on. Miestro wants to fully integrate technology services for a seamless, comfortable experience, and they wanted a full rebrand that captures their passion for smart design and integration.

After taking Miestro through our Blueprint / Foundation process, we discovered their core goal: to bring together the full synthesis of home technologies, from TV entertainment to smart locks. We created a new name and brand that playfully nods toward the maestro who masterfully conducts his many musicians into a single musical piece. We designed an eye-catching website, along with mailers, 3D animation, and signage, to capture the beauty of these meticulously designed homes and businesses.

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Miestro Casestudy7